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A Guide to Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Health

Confusion often results when talking about integrative, complementary or alternative health care. Here’s an explanation.

Supervised Injection Sites Are Coming to the United States. Here’s What You Should Know.

More than 100 facilities worldwide give IV drug users a space to safely inject. Nursing@USC explains safe injection sites and what they could mean for the United States.

Unsafe and Unwell: How Homelessness Affects Women and How to Help

More than 216,000 women go without housing on a given night in the United States. What can be done to help them?

Scholarships for Nursing Students

Many nursing organizations offer competitive scholarships to qualifying students who demonstrate merit, financial need and volunteer involvement. This is a partial listing of scholarship funds available to reduce financial barriers for, and increase the representation of, members of the military, minorities and USC-community applicants.

What Can I Do With My MSN Degree?

Today’s nursing workforce continues to broaden to just about every corner of our lives — from ethics to research to larger policy issues. Consequently, career options for those with nursing skills are diversifying too.

Reasons to Pursue a Family Nurse Practitioner Career

In this post, we examine nurse practitioner salary by state and some of the NP career options that are available today, as well as the outlook of FNP jobs.