Professional Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing

NURS 605
2 Credits

This course explores professional issues relevant for both entry into the advanced practice role and professional growth throughout a career. This course will focus on legal and professional responsibilities of the nurse practitioner with an emphasis on the value of inter-professional collaboration. The learner will consider effective leadership and management styles and their impact on practice. Common challenges experienced by nurse practitioners in the health practice arena will be reviewed.

Bridge Course

Some students may also be required to complete a graduate-level bridge course before beginning the program. This 2-credit course matches the rigor of the traditional curriculum and prepares students for pathophysiology and pharmacology, two of the most challenging courses in the program.

The course is offered through the same online platform as all other Nursing@USC courses, and will help students acclimate to USC’s unique online learning environment. 

The course will be required for admitted students who have one or more of the following:

  • A grade of C+ or lower in undergraduate anatomy and physiology
  • A grade of C+ or lower in undergraduate microbiology and chemistry
  • A cumulative average grade of C+ or lower in undergraduate science courses
  • An undergraduate/BSN completed overseas
  • Academic transcripts more than five years old
  • No undergraduate science courses beyond anatomy and physiology

To learn more about the bridge course, contact our admissions team at 844-487-2676.

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