Student Spotlights

At Nursing@USC, we value diversity. We believe the nation’s most complex health challenges can only be solved by groups of people who leverage their differences — in education, ideas and experiences — to reach a common goal.

Our program brings together students from a range of backgrounds who care about creating social change in their communities by improving patient outcomes. Learn more about the Nursing@USC student experience through our student profiles below.

Rachel Gray ’21

“I decided to pursue my degree with Nursing@USC because of its unique integration of nursing and social work. Students develop a deeper understanding of how bio-psycho-social factors influence health. While the program is rigorous, it offers the flexibility to juggle school, work and life demands; it also enables students to become excellent evidence-based nurse practitioners.” Read Rachel’s full bio.

Pauline Sung ’21

“The clinical placement team has been a tremendous help while at USC. I have been lucky enough to get placements in clinics near my home, with preceptors that have a passion for their patients, as well as for teaching. Some of my clinical locations have been so great — so much so that I am considering applying for a position as a provider after I graduate.” Read Pauline’s full bio.

Crystal Yaple ’20

“I am so thankful to have been able to continue working towards my MSN with USC despite having moved three times, working part-time and full-time, and going through several life events. Having the flexibility of virtual learning paired with clinical experiences wherever I lived was invaluable.” Read Crystal’s full bio.

Alison Spencer ’20

“I chose Nursing@USC because I loved the idea of a program that integrated the discipline of social work with advanced practice nursing so that I am best equipped to meet both the medical and psychosocial needs of my patients. I was also attracted to the program because the part-time and online format allows me to work full-time and stay in Northern California, all while having local clinical preceptors chosen for me!” Read Alison’s full bio.

Julie Picking ’19

“Our instructors were incredibly warm in person, as well as nurturing and supportive. They held us to a very high standard, but we knew that we had their support. The kind of camaraderie and family that was created during our OCI has carried on through the program, and we are a very close class.” Read Julie’s full bio.

Becky Hamner ’19

“Collaborating with peers across the country from all disciplines of nursing and backgrounds has been such a gratifying experience. I feel like there is so much to be learned from sharing information across different areas within our field. Others’ work experiences can help broaden my knowledge as well as give me insight into hurdles others have navigated to succeed in their roles within the nursing profession.” Read Becky’s full bio.

Chandra Matteson ’19

“I found Nursing@USC’s emphasis on social work really intriguing. I could imagine the emphasis on the social determinants of health being beneficial to me as a future provider. I am certain that the education I am receiving from the nursing faculty, along with the knowledge gained from viewing family practice nursing through a social work lens, will help me serve my patients’ needs once I’m practicing as a family nurse practitioner.” Read Chandra’s full bio.

Michael Yeboah ’19

“I found it so rewarding to know that the connections I forged and nursing interventions I employed were having a lasting impact in the lives of my patients. With this realization came the knowledge that I could make an even greater impact in the lives of my patients and the community by becoming a family nurse practitioner.” Read Michael’s full bio.

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